Sunday, 28 March 2010

A woolly good time!

So, where have i been?
Yesterday i spent the whole day at Make, Do and Knit. It was great!
I met loads of fellow knitters, ate some delicious veggie bean casserole and spent hours just knitting and nattering. I hope they make it an annual event. I got myself a few treats too :)

Some knitting needles that look like magic wands (who on earth wouldn't want these) and some
chunky wool that's just yummy. I also treated myself and got......

This! It only cost me a pound!! i couldn't believe it. it's a really fine yarn, and the colours remind me of 80's kids TV presenters.... so obviously i had to get it! I'm not sure what I'll make with it yet, but it'll be fun to use :)
I met a lovely girl, Sarah (from iKnit London), who showed me a stitch I'd not tried before, Fisherman's Rib. So I'll be having a go at that tonight.

I've also been busy knitting/designing a spring/summer cardigan.

I'm obsessed with crops at the moment, so i thought I'd make my own! I'm also really into yellow this year, after hating the colour for as long as i can remember. Busty Betty (my mannequin) looks good in the cardi don't you think? I've nearly finished the back now, so really just have the sleeves to go. More picture's coming soon!