Sunday, 2 May 2010

Yummy Yummy!

We've been busy in the teapot kitchen over the weekend! Finally i had a go at making rainbow cakes :) this was also the first time of using this cake recipe (a vegan one, of course), which I'm not entirely happy with, but the result was still magical! take a loosky:

Here i am playing with the cake mix and colourings, and there are my doggies watching me bake :)

Tammy, the golden lab, is very keen on baking (and pretty much anything that goes on in the kitchen!). Emma, black lab, usually is too, but was in a mood because my dad (who she loves more than anything ever!) had gone out without her, so she wasn't interested in my cakes! her loss!

Next on the list of things to bake (tomorrow hopefully! after i go to vote) are vegan pop tarts! It does annoy me that pop tarts (here in the UK at least) have awful gelatin in.... WHY!?? why can't they just use something else? loads more people would buy them, silly Kellogg's!!

in other news, a new cross stitch kit is almost complete, keep your eyes pealed for that!