Saturday, 28 August 2010


YES! You heard right. We have a new cross stitch kit out today! YAAAAAY!

The Dino Love cross stitch kit is perfect for any dinosaur lover, or just anyone keen on cute cross stitch.

Kit includes:
Cross stitch fabric
dino chart
Anchor embroidery thread.

measurements approx 4"x4"

Click HERE for the etsy link, or HERE for the folksy link. For those who buy, we'd love to see photo's of the finished cross stitches. We're thinking of starting a fan page you see, so send in your pics!!!

In other news, i FINALLY finished the Zelda scarf for my friend Chris (i have no idea why it took me so long):

i crochet the scarf with loads of left over, half balls of wool i had in boy colours. then knitted the Zelda triforce patch and sewed it on (it's sewed on a bit wonky... i don't think he noticed!).
I'm so glad to get it done in time for autumn though :)

I've been knitting a chunky, slouchy hat for autumn/winter.... it's VERY nearly finished. I'll post photo's and the pattern in a couple of days. I'm tempted to put a big pom pom on the end... should i?

I (Sarah teapot) also landed a new job, yay me. It's at Barnardo's charity. I don't start for a few days but I'm major excited. I've not had a job for a while so the money will be lovely! Less time for crafts, which is really sad, but I'll still have two days off and every evening to knit.

oh yeah, i nearly forgot about this again.....

that's me, balancing a baby hat on my head. i knitted it for my mums friend who just had a baby. i seriously love that hat though, I'm going to do an adult size one i think.... I'm all about pom poms these days! bring on the winter!

OK, I'm off to watch toy story 3..... over and out!