Sunday, 19 September 2010

big blog!

i haven't updated for a while... this could be a long one!!!!

I'll start with a knitting update. I've started my new cricket jumper, I'm loving cables at the moment. i haven't got as far as i thought i would have by now, but I'll get there:

it's an army green and I'm about half way up the back so far. over the next week or two I'll be spending my free time knitting sheep (long story, but i need to knit 17 sheep for this event my mum's organised) but I'm determined to get this jumper done by the end of next month!!

the weather has changed! but i kind of like the autumn vibe, loads of knitwear around. so i whipped up some fingerless mittens last weekend. over winter i usually knit about 5 pairs of these, i always just end up giving them to my friends! but i rather like this pair. i think they're a keeper:

I'll pop the pattern up soon, even though they're mega easy. but they'll be great for beginners!!
pencil scarf update:

it's getting there now. i love it! the boring rib stitch is perfect for doing at my knitting group or while I'm waiting around for things. should be done soon!

finally we have some fan photo's to show you!! (why is no one else sharing their photo's with us!? it makes us sad!)

a happy customer :) a perfect birthday present she purchased from us :) we're glad you like them! read about it here on her blog!
also, the lovely Lindsay (her blog here) has knitted up our sailor scarf pattern. she's added her own little twist to it and it's very cute!!! we love it Lindsay!

so, other than knitting, I've been pretty busy this last week. First of all, my boyfriend (robi) had his exhibition opening on Friday at the Bluecoat in town (town being Liverpool). they're celebrating the Biennial at the moment, and his exhibition will be up for at least two months!

New York based artist Daniel Bozhkov saw robi on YouTube doing his scouse (taking the piss) rapping, loved him and asked him to get involved in doing a documentary style video. Only a couple of screen shots, i got shouted at for taking photos :(

anyways, so the Biennial is this big art festival that's happening all over Liverpool. me and my friends took a mooch around the other day and took some photos:

i loved the room of ribbons (though the photo's make me look like a scary ghost) and the guy who was sewing/repairing old clothes.
also at the weekend, i went to see one of my favourite bands 'The Vasalines.' it was the best gig I'd been to in AGES. you should deffo check them out if you don't know them. poor quality photo, but i still want to share:

right, what else??
we'll do some new purchases now i think:

i got these two jumpers this week, both from Zara. I saw the cat one online and HAD to own it, but while i was in there i noticed the brownish red raccoon jumper..... i couldn't decide between the two.. you can see what happened! I'm now poor as a result.

and my mum got me this cardigan (thanks mum!) from the kids section in Marks and Spencer.

if you're a bit of a midget, like me, you should go and look at kids departments! kids are massive these days. apparently I'm the same age as a 12-13 year old. slightly worrying. but anyway, this cardigan is lovely, as soon as i saw it i got all excited. I've always like the look of in-side-out knitting!

my lovely friend Jane gave me (yes, GAVE) these two rather amazing teapots to add to my collection:

they're a bit brilliant aren't they!? thank you Jane!!!

so a couple of good things I've found online. this Yarn tutorial i found shows you how to make a great yarn out of an old tshirt, without any knots. it's great!
also these two Irregular Choice bags (i LOVE irregular choice shoes, but can never afford them. these are a bit more in my price range):

The Penelope Teapot giveaway on LOVE CAKE ends tomorrow guys!!! all you have to do is leave a comment on her blog and you might win! CLICK HERE to enter!

ok, so that's pretty much all for today. i start my new job tomorrow, YIKES! so it'll no doubt take me a week or two to settle in to a full time job (I'm not used to early mornings). so if there's no blog update for a while, that'll be why. but i will be back soon showing you all the amazing things I've found working in my new job. It's at a charity shop, I'm very excited to see what treasures i come across. I'll probably end up spending as much as i earn!!

Sarah Teapot xx