Sunday, 5 December 2010



Cream or White yarn for body and head.
Black or Grey yarn for legs and face.
I used 3 strands of aran yarn and 9mm needles, this makes a BIG sheep.  for a medium sized sheep I would use 6mm needles and 2 strands.  for a small sheep, 4mm needles and 1 strand.

You will also need toy stuffing and a darning needle


BODY: (all in garter stitch)
Co 15. (this is the rear end of the sheep)
Garter stitch for 2 rows.
Increase in every stitch. (30 sts)
Knit one row.
Increase one every 5 stitches. (36sts)
Work in garter stitch for 25 rows.
Knit two together to end.
Cast off.

Co 20.
K 4 rows.
Increase into every stitch. (40sts)
K 4 rows.
Change to black/grey wool. Purl one row.
*K2, k2tog* to end.
*k1, k2tog* to end.
Thread yarn through remaining stitches.

LEGS: (make 4)
In black
CO 10.
Work 6 rows in stocking stitch.
*k2tog* to end.
Thread yarn through remaining stitches.

EARS: (make 2)
In black
CO 4.
Cast off.


Sew and stuff the body of the sheep.  sew up the side of the head, leaving open the top.  stuff and sew the head straight on to the body.  do the same with the legs, then sew on the ears and stitch on a cute face!  you could use buttons/felt for the eyes if you don't have any stick on eyes.

i made a small pompom for the tail, but this is optional! create what ever kind of tail you like!