Sunday, 30 January 2011

Fame again!

Can someone explain to me why (and how) the March issue of Simply Knitting Magazine is out in JANUARY??  Madness!

....But good, because I'm in it! YAAAAAAY!

Me on the index page :)

Me with the big ball of wool, and then again underneath with the knitting group.
My arms and hands look MASSIVE!  like in that Supergrass video.

However, the article is not about me.  It's about Purlesque, the knitting shop I used to work in and they also run the knitting group I attend. It's about all the work in the community they do, and how they teach kids and teenagers to finger-knit.  It's quite a good read.  You should check it out. 

In non-knitting news, this is my dog, Tammy.  (One of my dogs, I have two.  She's waiting for Rob to come round, that's his skate board. But I like to think that SHE'S waiting to go out for a skate.  Wouldn't that be cute!?  Gosh, my room is a tip.