Thursday, 10 March 2011


YAAAAAAAAAAY! Penelope Teapot has been featured in May's issue of Cross Stitch Crazy magazine. 
I was also in the March issue, with my owl cross stitch kit.  May issue is featuring my cupcake cross stitch kit. 

Both kits are available to buy HERE.

Penelope Teapot on page 19
Close up
Front cover

The May issue is their 150th issue, it's got some good stuff in, including a Prince William and Kate cross stitch.  It's so old lady, but I rather like it.  It'd take me ages though, so I doubt I'll get round to it.  
I plan to make another kit very soon, has anyone any suggestions as to what it could be?  I was thinking maybe cute strawberry and ice cream for summer or something, but then I couldn't sell that all year round.  Actually, maybe I should do a teapot one! makes sense!

It's day two of no biscuits (I've given them up for lent).  I'm missing them already.  I really need my mid-morning, and then mid-afternoon sugar fix!

Over and out xx