Friday, 27 January 2012

Vintage Fabric and What I've Been Knitting

I took a trip to the Abakhan shop in Wales a couple of days ago.  Despite the bad staff (well, there was one nice girl) I enjoyed it.  I went with a list of what I needed, but I did treat myself a little bit too.
I'd just finished off these fingerless mittens.....

Fingerless Mittens

So I needed a new knitting project anyway.  I'm going through a bit of a grunge faze again at the moment, so I really want a big, over sized mohair jumper.  I saw some yarn (not real mohair, but I don't want real) for £2.50 a ball.... so I got 7!  I've already cast on the 'Hannah' jumper from one of the Rowan books.  I would usually be a size small, but I'm knitting the large size for extra slouch. 
Sod's law happened though, and I got my first issue of Vogue Knitting magazine today.  My mum got me a subscription for Christmas.  It has a PERFECT mohair jumper pattern in it, but I've already knitted the back of the 'Hannah' jumper.  Never mind, I might just have to knit two. 

Fake Mohair jumper
Staying in the knitted theme... I picked up these two candles a couple of days ago.  One is a cable stitch candle and the other is probably meant to be a ball of string, but I'm calling it a ball of yarn...

Knit stitch candle
Ball of yarn candle

My lovely friend Jane is a genius when it comes to sewing.  And I'm very lucky that she's going to make me a couple of dresses, and maybe a little play suit out of some vintage fabrics I've found at a charity shop:

Vintage bed sheet

Vintage bed sheet
Vintage fabric
Another charity shop find (and another fake) is my new Chanel brooch.

Replica Chanel brooch

I also got some cupcake coasters for my bedroom, not from a charity shop.  And you can make out a little bit of my new bedsheets behind my knitting photo's.  My bedroom looks all new and fresh now!

Cupcake coaster

Another friend of mine has an exhibition coming up next month.  He's asked me to help out and make a little man in a suit out of fabric.  SUITS ARE NOT EASY TO MAKE, I know this now!  Here's my prototype.  I purchased the fabrics I need, and I have a couple of changes to make, but I'm ready to start the actual piece tomorrow night.  EEP!