Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Animal Farm

Animal Farm

  1. Kitty T-shirt
  2. Fox Cardigan
  3. Cat Face Cushion
  4. Kitty Brooch
  5. Bunny knitwear
  6. Cat Umbrella
  7. Bat T-shirt
I'm going to say something most of you will hate, ready?  .....I'm not a cat person!  There, I said it.
Don't get me wrong, I love all animals! (I love animals more than humans!) But I could just never live with a cat.  I've always had dogs, so I suppose that's why.  And cats always ruin my tights and scratch me and run away with my knitting!  ANYWAY, despite this, I adore clothes with cats on!  I can't explain why, I just do. 

So, I've put together a collection of all animal related bits and bobs that I think are lovely! The topshop cardigan (no.2) has gone into sale! SO I'M GETTING IT! YAY!

On a side note, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope everyone reading has a really good 2013.  I haven't had the best 2012 at all, but just the last month or two have been amazing and I'm pretty sure I'm on to something good at the moment.  So I'm in good spirits!

Over and out xx