Saturday, 27 April 2013

Northern Vegan Festival

A couple of weekends ago I popped along to the Northern Vegan Festival.  I had such a good time!
I've never been to a vegan festival before, despite being vegan for quite a few years now, so I didn't know what to expect. 
It's safe to say I was pleased.  The amount of cake there was amazing!

I met some really lovely stall holders.  Many charities that I'd never heard of before, which was great.  One charity stood out to me the most though, and that's SEA SHEPHERD.  They do some really amazing work stopping the slaughter of wildlife in our oceans.  I loved the charity so much that I got a tote bag and a car sticker.  Soon I'm going to do some sort of fundraiser to help support this great cause. 

Here I am having a potter about.....

I had the best time!  2,500 people attended and over 100 stalls pretty much sold out of stuff!  Hopefully this will make them do more festivals, or at least make them bigger and in a bigger venue (it got a bit hot!)

I got myself a new t-shirt by Secret Society of Vegans (I've got it on right now) and a few of my favourite chocolate bars.....