Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Alpine Coffee Shop, Betws y Coed

A couple of weeks ago, my lovely boyfriend and I took a trip to Betws y Coed (in wales).  I hadn't been since I was a child.  I had such a lovely afternoon there I thought I'd share some pictures and do a little review of a great place to eat.... the ALPINE COFFEE SHOP


First of all.... VEGAN OPTIONS! 
Cafes are definitely getting better at providing vegan options now, is great!  This cafe had loads though so I was pleased to have a bit of a choice.  It's not often you see places with vegan cheese, I was delighted (they had a vegan cooked breakfast too, which I'm going to go back for another day).  We went for a Mediterranean wrap and small chips.  It was definitely enough for two :)
A plus point for me was the fact they make REAL chips.  No oven fries etc. 
A rather large selection of cakes, and that day they had two vegan ones.  I think it varies day to day.  They all looked soooooo good though!


I love a place that has a bit of character.  This cafe has all odd tables and chairs, pictures on the walls, lovely lighting and an old fashioned railway out the back...


A great thing about Wales.... Dogs are welcome almost anywhere!  We had some sat at the table behind us, I was loving it! The Alpine Coffee Shop also sells some handmade bits and bobs (I was keen on the tea cosies) and they have a lovely outside eating area.  The staff are 100% lovely, and didn't seem to mind me asking loads of questions.  All in all, I loved the place! If you're in the area it's worth a visit for sure!

Other pictures from Betws y coed.....