Monday, 6 May 2013

Kool Aid Dying

I finally got round to doing something I've been meaning to do for YEARS...... KOOL-AID DYING! 

My lovely friends got me some yarn and a selection of Kool Aid sachets for my birthday.  I had no excuse anymore.
I wasn't prepared for the following factors:
1. Needing a really big pan.
2. The god awful smell of Kool Aid.  

Seriously, the smell nearly gave me a headache.  I will never drink that stuff!  As for the pan problem, I own two smallish pans, so I halved the yarn and did two dying batches.


I made two loops with the yarn and tied it together so not to get into a tangled mess in the pan.  Then I just twisted it into a bit of a ball and soaked it in warm water for half an hour.
After half an hour (which apparently is important!), I squeezed out the water then filled the pans with half boiling, half cold water, then plonked in the yarn.

I decided, after googling other peoples outcomes, that I quite liked the 'grape' shade on it's own.  So I sprinkled that sachet all over the yarn in pan no.1.
In pan no. 2.  I decided to just put all the other colours in.  So I sprinkled the colours in different sections and watched it cling to the yarn.  Once they began to boil, I let them simmer for half an hour.  I became slightly obsessive watching and timing.... despite the smell.

After the water cooled to room temperature, I rinsed it under the tap for a while to get rid of any non-fixed dye.  Sadly it didn't get rid of the smell. I squeezed out as much water as I could (I read somewhere that it's important not to wring out the wool at this point) and then lay it on a towel on the radiator to dry.  This method of drying was taking too long for me, I'm so impatient.  I decided that since I had the fire on I would drape the yarn over my transformers toy and dry it out in front of the fire.... Goal achieved.

I love how they came out!  I saw that other people's yarn came out so much brighter, just as well I like pastel shades!  The type of yarn has great impact on the end outcome.  I love mine though!

What should I make with them?

I took some snaps to show you all my methods for winding a ball of yarn.  I have a couple of ways, I will post it soon.