Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Ever heard of a place called Llanfairfechan?  No?  Neither had I.  It's the little village my boyfriend grew up in.  We took an afternoon trip there on a very hot day.  Only a 15min drive from where we are in Llandudno, and it's so beautiful.......

A nice little sea-side village that is kept soooo nice.  Next to the sea we found a large pond with ducklings and baby swans (Cygnets!):

Ducklings having a swim:

Cygnets and their parents, so cute:

Next to the cleanest outdoor kids swimming pool ever (free to use too) was a lovely little swing park.  I love swings!  Here I am on the slide:

After a walk along the prom and a play at the park we found a cafe called 'The Beach Hut.'
I was so surprised by this little place, and it's independent too.  The weather was soooo very windy that day so we assumed we'd eat inside but the owner told us about the garden at the back which was guarded by tall walls so the wind didn't touch us at all.  I'm so used to cafes in little villages not supplying soya milk (and often look at me like I'm an alien) but not only did The Beach Hut have soya milk.... IT HAD VEGAN CAKE!

We ordered tea and chips to start, and the chips were real chips! Clean plates all round:

The garden was so sweet.  Plants growing out of old kettles and tin bath tubs.  A little hidden gem!