Sunday, 9 June 2013

OOOOKLAHOMA, where the wind comes....

The boyfriend and I recently took a little trip to Manchester.  We found the nicest little cafe/shop called 'Oklahoma.'  

And yes, they had vegan options! YAAAAAAY!
I took a few pictures, as I loved the place so much:

The shop section at the back had some really lovely stuff.  These gorgeous cushions and teddy's:

Lovely little bird candles and other cute gifts:

Cute little Tupperware boxes.  I really wish I'd got some of these!  Hearts of every colour!


Teeny tiny little button stud earrings.  They had loads of nice jewellery:

We had cups of tea with soya milk, and of course a vegan cake!  The boyfriend had a vegan milkshake also.

The lovely staff, vegan friendly, cute shop and the wall of old rental dvd's for sale all made it perfect.  I will definatley visit here every time I'm in Manchester!