Tuesday, 23 July 2013


It's finally happened!  They said it couldn't be done!
I HAVE FINISHED MY CROCHET BLANKET!  It's only taken over a year but I've finished!

I didn't even know how to granny square last year! I got myself some pretty coloured yarn and had a go. I didn't know how much I'd need so I got one ball of each colour and took it from there.

Here it is on day one:

After a couple of days:

As you can see, at this point I hadn't even thought about how to deal with the lose ends.  I click on about half way in that I can sort them out as I go along.

After two weeks:

I got a photo cushion made:

I took it travelling around with me, to knitting groups, friends houses..... to work even!

Ran out of colours but it wasn't as big as I wanted it yet.  I decided to do a thick cream border round it and then a final colour in a scallop shape round the edge:

I found a nice blue to go round the edge.... but a WHOLE ball wasn't enough.  Undo and find something else:

FINALLY!  I found a rather large ball of pink and finished it off. ONE YEAR LATER!

Granny square blanket success I'd say!  I'm very happy with it and it's now living at the end of my bed.  I'm almost looking forward to colder weather so it can keep me warm.  Did I just say that? ....yes I did!