Monday, 26 August 2013

New Blog Layout

You may have noticed a couple of new things on this blog.  Mainly the pages along the top.  Let me explain....

I know people follow my blogs for different reasons, some for the crafts, some for vegan food reviews, some for a bit of all of it.  So, the main page for the blog remains the same, all blog posts appear here.  But, they are now also categorised into 'Crafts' (knitting, cross stitch etc), the new 'Stitch Dictionary' (which is still crafts I suppose but a feature on it's own of patterns and different stitch tutorials), and now 'Vegan'.  In the vegan section will be restaurant/cafe reviews, vegan product reviews, tasty home cooked vegan things I make, and so on.  

Shop links and other useful bits now appear on the About/Contact page.

Hopefully it will work well for people and make things a bit less all over the place!

Penelope Teapot xx