Wednesday, 7 August 2013

“One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore.

For years I felt that the one thing I'd never manage to knit would be a pair of socks..... I was wrong!

I never got to grips with the double pointed needle way of knitting.  I got the concept, I got the hang, but I constantly had obvious ladders (or lose bits) on each join/corner.  On a Ravelry forum someone suggested using two circulars, which blew my mind for a couple of minutes till I googled it.  It looked so much easier so I had a go!  (I used Harris Tweed pattern on ravelry).

Here's an inch in on my first sock:

I used 2.5mm needles.  Rather small!  Still, once I got going they knitted up in no time.

Pretty yarn:

I'd always heard other knitters talking about 'turning the heel' as if it was a horrid thing.... it wasn't the worst.  I couldn't do it again without reading the pattern but it was straight forward enough for me.
My first turned heel:

If you follow me on instagram (search for penelopeteapot) then you'll have already seen the first finished sock.  It's probably the proudest knitting moment I've had so far:

Have you ever heard of 'Second sock syndrome'?  Yes, it's a thing!  Some people get that relieved to finish the first sock, with all its challenges, that they never get round to the second!  I was determined to not let this happen so I cast on for the second sock the next night:

One of the things I love about the finished socks, is how different they are.  It's like one happy and colourful sock, then one grey and a bit sad.

Those who know me in real life know how constantly cold my feet are.  Coming from generations of bad circulation has left me with cold hands and cold feet, even in the summer.  These will work a treat in the winter months inside my boots.  I have a feeling many more socks are on the way!