Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sunday Stitch - BACK STITCH

New feature for Penelope Teapot!
I love crafts of all kinds, but anything to do with fabrics and threads interest me most.  I've decided to document all my favourite stitches and tips (be it sewing, knitting, crochet or embroidery) and archive them in the page button called 'Stitch Dictionary.' 

Every Sunday I will post a new stitch.  I hope it inspires you all to have a go and have a crafty Sunday afternoon!  If there's a stitch you've always wondered about of tried but not managed, do email me and I could use it for a tutorial 

A couple of weeks ago I picked up this H&M dress in a charity shop for £3.  It fits lovely and is very 'me' but I want to add a little something to it.  So I thought this dress would be a great project to get my Sunday Stitch feature under way.  

Here are some close ups of the dress.  I'm going to do detailing across the bust line, sleeve edges, round the bottom edge and possibly the neckline (though that might be too much, I don't know yet).

Sleeve edge


Bust line

Bottom edge

I hate tutorials that make out you should do it all their way, and use exactly what they use.  Use whatever you like!  Here are the crochet cottons that I'll be using, feel free to use embroidery thread, yarn, string, whatever you want.

Right then, let's get to it.  I decided to start with the easy one: the bust line.  I thought a simple back stitch would be great for this, nothing fancy but it will still be seen.

Step 1:  Insert the needle from back to font at the starting point.  For me the starting point was the side seam of the dress.  Decide on the width of your stitches and take the needle and thread back through the fabric.

Step 2:  Bring the thread to the front again, leaving a gap approx the same width as the first stitch.  I'm not too fussy about perfectly uniform stitches, but feel free to measure your own to keep it neat.
Now we go back on ourselves and meet up with the first stitch, this is why it's called the back stitch!  Go back and put the needle through to meet the end of the previous stitch.  See picture above.

Step 3:  It's at this point I knot the thread.  Other tutorials will do it before this but this is just how I like to do it.

Step 4:  From the back to the front, push the needle through again leaving a gap the same width as the stitches so far.

Step 5:  Meet the previous stitch again and repeat the steps till you come to the end of the desired length.  For me, it was the end when I reached the other side seam of the dress.

Don't worry too much about what the back of your work looks like.  But, here's what mine looks like:

Small detail but I'm pleased with it :)