Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Autumn Hats

Ok, so a couple of weeks ago I did a post about autumn scarves.  I thought autumn had set in then.... It's REALLY set in now.  So you know what we need? .......HATS! 

I've put together some of my favourite hats to knit, all from Ravelry. 
I have some thoughts on knitting hats.  Hats are one of the things you can knit that works out cheaper than buying from a shop.  A hand knit cardigan can be expensive, hand knit socks work out to be VERY expensive (yet brilliant), but a hat is actually cheaper (excluding primark and other similar cheapo, everyone wearing the same, type shop).  Most hats can be knit with one, maybe two balls of wool at most.  They don't take long to knit and you have something no one else will be wearing.  Personally, I hate seeing someone wearing the same as me, this just wont happen by knitting your own. 

So, this hat from topshop.  It's very nice, nice colour, looks cozy etc.  But lets face it, it's a very basic knit.  It costs £14 to buy.  Depending on whether you go for luxury yarn or basic, you could easily knit this for between £3 - £10. 

ANYWAY, here are my faves at the moment:

Cabled slouch hat.  Isn't this pretty?  Looks so cozy and warm!  I love the challenge of cable knitting.  Takes a lot of concentration from me but the results are satisfying.

Harvest Moon.  Another cable but with a POMPOM!  I love making pompoms.  A good thing about pompoms, they weigh the back of the hat down a bit so it's not too gnome looking.  I wear hats on the back of my head, rather than the top (if that makes sense) so they can stick out quite a bit.  Pompoms make it better.

The Wabi hat.  This one is very sweet.  I love the thick rib and perfect fit.  I think this one is definitely for me.  Looks like it'd be a nice quick knit too!


The Shawnie Bonnet.  When you say 'bonnet' you think of babies.  Not any more!  I think this bonnet is really cute and actually really practical.  Living right on the coast, the wind can be really wild and from experience, the wind hates hats!  I've had my hat blown off quite a few times, but surely that wouldn't happen with a bonnet, you could just make a cute bow at the front. 

Last but really not least (and I may have spoken about this one before) Pixie Hat.  I don't need to say much about this, it's clearly the cutest hat ever. 

Let's all get knitting and keep warm!