Saturday, 28 September 2013

Autumn Mittens

Mittens are my first 'go to' when autumn starts.  I have the coldest hands ever! I usually opt for the finger-less mitten, so I can still use my hands properly.  I wear them for work too, so I need full use of my hands.

I've made a collection here of my favourite mitten finds on ravelry:

A lovely Norwegian style mitten.... with TOTORO ON THEM!
I love Studio Ghibli films and My Neighbour Totoro is one of my favourites.  A real Sunday afternoon film.  These mittens look so cosy!  They'd be so good for winter.

I love a woodland knit.  I can picture myself wearing these and having them on a piece of string that goes through my coat sleeves.  That seriously needs to come back in fashion!

These mittens have had a lot of press, and rightly so.  I've seen them on blogs, in magazines etc and they're so adorable.  These would be a lovely Christmas gift idea.  They're only small so they wouldn't take too long to make either!

These mittens are knitted just using knit stitch, so they'll be thicker, which is what we need!  These mittens would be so adorable knitted in different colours for each member of the family.

MEEP!  Yes please.  I love how the pattern shows both full mitten and fingerless mitten pictures.  Yes, I think I want both.  Each cake could have a different coloured icing!  YUM!