Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Blue Moon Cafe Sheffield

Cake at the Blue Moon Cafe

This review is stupidly late of me!
When we went to the Folksy Summer School a month ago, we found ourselves with a free evening in Sheffield and hungry stomachs.  After a quick google of where a vegan could eat we drove to the Blue Moon Cafe.  What a treat!  We ate too much and had a lovely time!

My meal

I ate the 'Sweet Potato, Tomato and Green Pepper Bake.'  Sooooo good.

The boyfriend ate 'Mediterranean Vegetable Bake and Garlic Bread.'  The portion sizes where large! (which was great!) and we cleared our plates:

 I got myself one of my favourite drinks too:


Then it was time for CAKE!  I chose the Chocolate and Coffee Cake.  It was quite like a cheese cake and very filling.  

Starting to feel VERY FULL!

I couldn't finish the cake, but it was delicious!

I loved these clocks above the notice board:

From the outside:

If I'm ever in Sheffield again, I am going back to this place for sure!  I recommend this place to anyone, not just vegans.  A good meal in a lovely atmosphere, I wish this was local for me.