Saturday, 7 September 2013

Maguire's Liverpool

Maguire's in Liverpool city centre is my new favourite place to eat EVER!
As a vegan, it's really hard to eat out sometimes.  Unless you phone in advance or email it's often impossible to know whether there's going to be anything to eat.  I often make my own pizza at home, with vegan cheese of course, it's something I can't live without!  But now I have Maguire's.  Located on Renshaw St in town (right by the 69A shop) there's pizza for everyone!

Here's a list of things I love about the place:
1.  Pizza made right in front of you.  No frozen and re-heated!
2.  Their play-on-words.  Funny cocktail names etc.  Oh yes, they have gigs there too, so booze is available!
3.  Actual good music is played!
4.  THEY'RE WRESTLING FANS!  Every Sunday evening they show an old WWF/WWE or WCW ppv.  Amazing!  Why doesn't everywhere do this?

The bad thing? .....I'm hardly in Liverpool now so I can't go there every day!  I pop in every couple of weeks when I'm back home, I stuff my face with the vegan cheese and mushroom pizza, the Veg-undairy pizza and the garlic dough balls.... absolutely perfect!  Well done Maguire's!

Me about to eat
On a pizza date!
All for me!
Adding his hot sauce!
Inside Maguires
Wrestling time!
Old school wrestling poster that I want!