Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sunday Stitch - BLANKET STITCH

The second stitch to be entered in the Stitch Dictionary - BLANKET STITCH.
I have always loved this stitch, and used it round the edge of blankets many times.  I thought it would look cute edging the pockets (actually fake pockets) on my dress that I'm making over.

Same as last time.... This is just the way I do it.  I have to professional sewing qualifications and I just figure most things out myself as I go along.

Step 1:  Decide where you want to start and how deep you want the blanket stitch to be.  Insert the needle from back to front at the chosen spot.

Step 2:  Make a knot.  Just make a normal knot, but don't pull too tight, this is going to be the first part of the blanket stitch.  I knotted on the front, just because it was easier, then pulled it round to the back so it was hidden.

Step 4:  Now decide on the width of the stitch and put the needle through from back to front, don't pull it all the way through though, this is where the magic happens.....

Step 5:  Catch the thread before it's pulled through, from the font as seen in the picture above.  Then pull the thread as normal.  This makes a full blanket stitch!  Easy peasy, no?

Step 6:  Repeat all the steps above.  So find the width of the stitch and go from the back to the front of the fabric.  Then Catch the thread as seen in the picture below.

Step 7:  Once you get to the end of the fabric, or space that you're stitching, we need to make a knot.  What I do, is simply stitch through a tiny bit of the fabric and pull/catch the thread though (just like we've been doing with the blanket stitch) then pull tight.  Sew in both ends of the thread and we are done!