Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunday Stitch - CROSS STITCH (BASIC)


What you will need:
  • Aida fabric
  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle

I mainly use 14 count aida fabric.  There are a few counts, it basically means how far apart the holes are.  I think 14 count is standard/most common. 

Step 1:  Splitting the thread. Most embroidery threads come in 6 strands.  For this size aida fabric you only need two strands.  So cut a length (about 30cm) and take off two strands.

Step 2:  Find your starting point (we will talk 'following a pattern' shortly) and insert the needle from back to front.

Step 3:  In a downwards diagonal, from left to right, insert the needle from front to back.

Step 4:  At this point I knot it at the back.

Step 5:  If you're following a pattern insert the needle again as before.

Step 6:  Keeping the back neat is not essential, but I do it to keep it nice and flat.  For the next few stitches, try and catch the waste thread at the back and stitch over it. 

Step 7:  I tend to work in one direction and then work back to complete the cross stitch.  So when you come to the end of a row, work from top right to bottom left in a diagonal.  This will complete a full cross stitch!

Now then.... Following a chart.
Some find it daunting.  It's really not.  Sometimes they look complicated, but really they're not bad.

My cross stitch charts that I make are usually on a square graph and in colours.  Each square equals one full cross stitch.  Pretty easy.  However, some other charts that you purchase are not this bright and easy. 

My chart:

A typical chart:

This is still in squares, but not coloured in.  Each square contains a symbol which is an instruction for what colour to use.  You would normally get a colour code/key for a chart, but here they obviously mean different shades of grey and maybe pink in the ears.  I find it sometimes help to print off the chart and colour it in myself.  I like colouring in!