Sunday, 22 September 2013


This is a follow on tutorial from last weeks 'Cross Stitch Basic.'
The half cross stitch isn't used as much, but I've been using it more and more lately, it can have a really nice effect.  

As an example, I've designed a little heart using mainly full cross stitch stitches but a few half cross stitch so you can see how it looks using both.
Working in rows like last time:

Step 1:  Cross stitch aida (the fabric) is woven together like a grid.  The half stitch goes against the grid rules really, I like that!  When it's time to work the half stitch, insert the needle right in the middle of the bit you think isn't right.  There's no hole there, but four woven threads heading in each direction.  Insert the needle right in the middle of the four threads.

Step 2:  The rest of the stitch is worked as normal.  So when heading back the other way, use the holes in the aida.  

Step 3:  Working back the other way, the normal half of the stitch is already done.  Do the half stitch in the same way as before, just in the other direction.  Now then, it's totally up to you whether you want to go over or under the stitch already there.  I suppose technically it should be over but I think it looks a bit messy, so I stitch under to keep the edge of the pattern looking nice.

So that's pretty much it already, just try and make sure you go through the 'wrong' bit in the middle, otherwise it might look a bit wonky or wrong.

I wanted to do a graph of the heart pattern I made here, but the program I use has decided not to be on this laptop anymore.  I think the picture (look down) is big enough to copy from though, so do have a go!