Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday Stitch - NEAT KNITTING

This weeks Sunday Stitch is Neat Knitting.
For years I got frustrated with slightly wonky or lose edges to my knitting.  Tension is key to keep it nice but I've found an easy way to do it with out much effort.

It will look like this:


You can use this technique for garter stitch knitting or stocking stitch.  It gives a really nice plaited edge.

Step 1:  Cast on as normal, there is nothing different here!

Step 2:  This is the key bit.  with the yarn in front, slip the stitch purlwise.

Step 3:  Put the yarn to the back and knit the rest of the row as normal.

Step 4:  When you've finished the row, turn the work and with yarn at the front slip the stitch purlwise again.  If you're doing garter stitch then put the yarn to the back and knit the row.  If your purling, start purling!

That's pretty much it.  Easy, no?  In brief, slip the first stitch purlwise then knit as normal.  Your knitting will look pretty!

Tomorrow I'll be posting a free cross stitch chart for anyone to use as they please.  So next Sunday I thought a quick cross stitch tutorial might be handy!