Thursday, 31 October 2013


You may or may not know, but I work in a lovely shop in Conwy now.  I really love it there, the history of the place is so gory and interesting.  Every year they have a 'Conwy Food Festival.'  It was last weekend and the first one I've seen.  Obviously I was working in my shop that day, but I did manage to get out for a bit and have a look round.

The town looked beautiful.
Obviously I was on the search for some vegan food.  A lovely van, ran by two lovely girls, where selling some veggie and vegan curries, but I really cant hack curry.... I wanted cake! 
I saw a sign for a vegan cafe so I ventured in.  I was totally disappointed.  The woman at the cake table was very rude and pretty much told me to go away.  From what I gathered, the whole point in this cafe/room was to make people more aware of veganism and to understand it more, which sounds great.  But really, this woman would put anyone off.  A few people round the town had mentioned that she was rude and they didn't buy anything off her, which reassured me that it wasn't just me! 
Some people already have a bad view of vegans, and in my opinion, it's because of people like that.  We're not all rude, honest! 

Anyway, here are some photo's of the lovely day: