Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday Stitch - RIB STITCH

Knitting a rib stitch is a knitting essential really.  If you're making hats, cardigans, or jumpers, odds are you will need a rib stitch.  It's perfect for cuffs, collars, scarves, socks etc.  It makes a clingy edging that has good stretch.

In a knitting pattern the rib can be written in a couple of ways.  Either 'k1, p1' or '1x1 rib.'  This is for the basic rib I'll be showing today.  Others may appear as '2x2 rib' or '3x3 rib' which means; knit 2, purl 2 or knit 3, purl 3.

Ok here goes..........

STEP ONE:  Cast on the required number of stitches as normal.  For a 1x1 rib, knit the first stitch.

STEP TWO:  Move the yarn to the front and purl the second stitch.  Move the yarn to the back again and knit the next stitch.  This forms the basic rib stitch.  Complete all the stitches on the row by alternating the knit and purl stitch.

STEP THREE:  The next row will depend on whether you have an odd or even number of stitches.  I have an even number so I start with a purl stitch (as will all alternate rows).  Odd numbers will start with a knit again.

STEP FOUR:  Repeat the two rows for as many rows as you require.

I love a bit of rib stitch, I like tight cuffs to keep cosy in this chilly weather we're having already!
There are many varied types of rib stitch, endless really.  My favourite is a 'fisherman's rib' which I might just do as another tutorial.