Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Winter Cardigans

Who doesn't love a winter cardigan or jumper?  

Every autumn I intend to make a collection of winter jumpers to get me through.... it doesn't happen.  To be honest, if I make one it's a bit of a miracle.

I'm pretty determined to make more for myself though.  Living in Wales now I'm VERY cold already so I need every bit of knitted warmth I can get.  I've made a little collection of my favourite knitted cardies and jumpers from Ravelry:

Dear all readers.... THIS PATTERN IS FREE!  Follow the link on the ravelry page and it's totally free.
A unisex cardigan, which I love, knitted in chunky yarn on big needles.  Win Win Win!  This would work out to be quite a quick knit!  I love a slouchy cardigan, this is ideal!

One thing that is priority to me when buying or knitting an item of clothing is the length of the sleeve.  I want LONG sleeves.  The longer the better.  If I can get them fully over my hands then that's great.  I love layering in the colder months too, so a crop means I can have something cute and cosy underneath too!  All in all, I love this cropped jumper.  WANT WANT WANT.


Another little crop that is just spot on perfect.  This project would really test a knitters skills!  Loads of different stitches and colours and techniques... and knitted on tiny needles too!  It's so beautiful and you could personalise it using any colour combinations you wanted.

Another chunky knit with good sleeves and a cute pattern to it.  Using two colours together in this way will add thickness to your knitting, which equals warmth!  It looks super cosy to me!


This cute little woodland cardigan is delightful.  The pattern comes in many sizes, child, teenage and grown-up foxes too.  Chunky needles again so it wouldn't take long..... SOMEONE PLEASE KNIT THIS FOR ME FOR CHRISTMAS?

We all know that knitting a cardigan or jumper can be a bit of a time commitment (as well as a financial commitment!), so do allow yourself plenty of time.  In other words GET WINTER KNITTING NOW!  You wont regret it.