Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas for Crafters

Crafters can be hard to buy for cant they!?  I've put a little collection together here, hopefully it might help some of you pick out something nice for your crafting girlfriends, BFF's etc.

I've gone for a lot of things from Folksy and Etsy.  Crafters appreciate hand made things, they understand the work gone in to it.  A couple of really cute craft books too, which I personally want (hint hint) and some yarn bowls.  I realise non-knitters might have never seen a yarn bowl, let me explain.... When knitting, your ball of yarn can flop and run around the carpet, it can tangle, it can pick up dirt and cat hair off the floor... it's annoying.  Having a yarn bowl stops all these things from happening, yay!

Here's the collection.  Links below:

  1. My Knitting Bag
  2. Nail Transfers
  3. Crafty Badges
  4. Knitting Journal Book
  5. Storyland Cross Stitch Book
  6. Knit or Die Bag
  7. I Like Big Balls Knitting Bag
  8. Woodland Knits Book
  9. Knit Faster Needle Case
  10. Scissors Bracelet
  11. Tape Measure Bracelet
  12. Heart Yarn Bowl
  13. Knit Yarn Bowl 
  14. We Are Knitters Kits (awesome!)
  15. Bat Cross Stitch Kit (others available)
  16. Sausage Dog Cross Stitch Kit (others available)