Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Pompoms and Cables

So I knitted myself a winter hat.  I love the colour of the yarn I found.  The pattern is available HERE on ravelry.
I love all the big pompoms around at the moment, and I thought a contrasting colour would be good.
It was between grey and burgundy.... I went for grey.

I've only ever done a basic, one twist, kind of cable stitch before.  So I enjoyed this different style, a bit of a challenge for me.  It's an aran yarn though, on 5mm needles so it didn't take too long at all, a couple of evenings really!  It's so cosy, it's amazing how much warmer you are with a hat on.  I like the style, as you can fold up the ribbing for a tighter fit, or have it unfolded for a slouchy hat.

It does need blocking after knitting (at least mine did) otherwise it can be a bit tight.  Here's the finished hat:

Casting on.....

Keeping me warm....

The pattern is easy to follow and I love the hat.  I've been wearing it every day!