Tuesday, 31 December 2013

We Are Knitters (knitting kit)

The 'We Are Knitters' knitting kits are getting to be very popular!  A while ago I got myself one while they where having a nice little discount code sale.  Normally they are a bit expensive for me, but this doesn't mean I don't agree with their pricing.  The prices are spot on for what you get.  I just live by quite a tight  budget, so spending a lot in one go is quite a big deal.  But they are well worth the money.  Also, most of their kits come with 'proper wool,' which I don't use (vegan), so this kit containing cotton only was pretty perfect.

Good things about the kit:
You can pick you own colours, and from quite a variety too!
The packaging is great.
You can opt in or out for getting a set of needles with your kit.  I opted in (more on that later).
The quality is good.  Often with a kit you can end up with cheap stuff, which puts you off wanting to make the product.

Bad things about the kit:
The needles.  They look amazing and I was excited to use them but.... splinters.  I had to sand down the tip, and different spots down the needle.  The yarn catches and I got a bit in my thumb.
But, I'm not overly experienced with wooden needles, so this could be pretty standard for all I know.
That is the only bad thing I've found.  It really doesn't put me off recommending the kit whatsoever.

The kit I purchased is the VITO SWEATER.  I do love a slouchy knit.  I went for grey and lilac, my favourite colour combination.  The pattern is clear and I'm about half way through.  All the patterns are really nice, and they now have a book out.  Sadly it's not available in English yet, but I'll be buying it as soon as it's published in English.  I will show you all the jumper once it is complete.  I'm keeping some people updated on it through instagram, so if you're interested then do follow me on there (search 'penelopeteapot') for updates.