Sunday, 26 January 2014

Black Sheep

A few months ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Black Sheep Wools.  I was lucky enough to pick a couple of balls of yarn to knit up and review.  Obviously, as a vegan, I picked some non-real wool yarn and went for these pretty cottons:  Rico 'Julia' and Rico 'Romeo'

Now, I'm not usually a glitter or sequin kind of girl, so these are a bit different for me.  But, I really like them! I really liked how the glittery piece that ran through the green 'Julia' ball was such a good colour match and not too obvious.  The cotton is really soft, much softer than most cottons I've used before actually.  I didn't find the glitter strand scratchy like I thought I might.

The 'Romeo' yarn was another pleasing yarn to knit with.  What I've disliked about sequin yarns in the past, didn't apply to this one so much.  I've always found the uniform of the sequin layout really frustrating, like every exact inch (or something) they'd place a sequin.  I found with this yarn that they where quite random and formed no pattern... result!  Again, the cotton was very nice and soft, and the shade of grey is perfect.

I knitted both yarns in to hats, following this pattern found on Ravelry.  I'm going to pick the perfect contrast colour to make pom poms for the top soon, then they'll be perfect spring time hats!

It's nice to have a yarn to use that's not acrylic (most of what I use is acrylic).  I know there are loads of bamboo/soya yarns around, and plenty of plain cottons, but having one that's a bit different was really nice for me to knit with (as well as being really kind on the hands!).  Thank you Black Sheep!  Beautiful yarn!