Monday, 20 January 2014

Booked it....

All official now!  The wedding date is booked!  Eeep!  It's not that far away either.  I'd better get organised!  Well, I've got the dress, so that's the main bit done right?  Our wedding is going to be as hand made as we can make it.  I stitched round these little save the date cards and they  have been sent out!

We chose a lovely little venue too, The Gwenfrewi Project in Wales.  It's a very cute little building that was almost left to be a ruin.  But a lovely lady, Allison, took it on and has made it into such a lovely venue.

Inside is just as beautiful as the outside.  I can't wait to decorate the place with pompoms!  

It was freeeeeezing when we went to view it, but still managed a bit of a picnic outdoors.  Biscuit anyone?

I have purchased the dress, got hold of the right coloured yarn for pompoms.... now I need to worry about food and SHOES! AHHHH!