Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Hi all!  I do hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and 2014 proves to be a great year for everyone.
I am writing this on a miserable New Years Day afternoon, whilst watching Uncle Buck.
I had a really nice Christmas.  The Fiancee and I travelled back to Liverpool to spend a few days with my family.... and the dogs.  It was lovely to all spend time together and I have really missed those dogs!
I was very shocked at how many presents I received (I must have been a good girl all year), so many lovely books and things to inspire me.

A couple of snaps from over Christmas:

I've had my eye on some of the books for a while.  Just shows that some people DO in fact listen to what I'm saying/hinting, lucky me!  I'm obsessed with wrestling autobiography's, I get engrossed in them, so I was pleased to get a couple of those to keep me going.  Delighted with the craft books too, Cath Kidston, Star Trek and Storyland Cross Stitch.... how cute!  I can't wait to decorate my home with creations from all of these books.  My brother surprised me with the Rainbow knitting patterns.  For those who don't know, Rainbow was an amazing kids tv show when I was a child (going back a while now), so Rainbow jumpers will no doubt be happening.  Amazing! My other half got me the Morrisey autobiography, which I've wanted for a few months, can't wait to get reading that.  I'VE GOT SO MUCH TO READ AND MAKE!

So, it's now 2014..... The past year has been a pretty darn good year for me.  I left a horrid job and I'm now working in a place I love (with lovely people too), I moved to sunny (or not so sunny) Wales, and I got engaged!  So yes, a pretty good year all in all.
I'm hoping the year ahead will be just as good.  I'm feeling motivated, so that's a good start hey!

On a total side note, I received these lovely little zines in the post yesterday.....

I follow EmToTheThird on instagram and noticed her little cute zines.  I read them last night and loved them.
I loved how well written and personal they are.  I'm feeling inspired to potentially make my own.