Wednesday, 22 January 2014

We Are Knitters Review

So, I finished knitting my Vito Sweater from my We Are Knitters kit!  (see older post).
After the dreaded sewing up, photo's have been taken.  I have mixed feelings with the end result.  Obviously it's a very open knit jumper, which is fine and great for summer, but the ribbing round the bottom and on each sleeve is messy!  I've been knitting for many years now and I do not have messy rib knitting usually.  Usually I would go down a needle size for ribbing, but this kit uses 8mm throughout.  It's left a loose edge that doesn't really do anything.  The yarn used is two strands of cotton DK, so no stretch in that anyway, and the rib has hardly any stretch or shrink.

I really like the top half of the sweater.  I love a neckline that can slouch over the shoulder.  I also like the nice long sleeves.  But the bottom edge.... oh dear.  It's really not flattering on me at all.  Maybe if it was a bit longer, or even a crop?  I've experimented and found the only way it looks decent on me is to actually tie the front in a knot (see pic above).  Obviously being a cotton, loose knit, this is a sweater for summer, so the knot would work with that I think.

But, overall, I did actually enjoy knitting this.  The pattern was nice and easy and despite the bad quality needles (which in the end I stopped using and got some plastic ones), didn't take long at all.  The quickest sweater I've ever knitted for sure!

After knitting this sweater (and the kit was not over priced, but quite expensive) it got me thinking why do we knit things that cost so much, when we could actually buy one cheaper.  And the answer is, I find it very therapeutic.  It's not really about price or time, it's about me enjoying and relaxing while I knit.  It's a nice quiet time I have to do something just for me.  I found this blog post from TreeHugger that has some thoughts on it too.