Wednesday, 12 February 2014


A new vegan friendly shop has opened up on Smithdown Road in Liverpool.  I no longer live in Liverpool but still visit every two to three weeks.  Discovering a new place I can pick up some vegan snacks (THERE'S CAKE!) will make these trips even more worth-while.

I was really impressed with the range of products on offer: from fresh fruit and veg to cheese and ice-cream (all vegan of course and the range of cheese is great).  I really liked the general household section; vegan toilet cleaners and laundry detergent etc.  The staff are lovely too.  I had a nice chat with the guy behind the counter who sold me cake and other goodies.  Living in North Wales is not ideal for vegans (in my opinion).  The supermarkets are smaller so the range of vegan products are not great.  It's very rare to even find a tea/coffee shop that has soya milk, which I find really strange.... but I guess I'm used to city living where it's more 'normal' to want these things.  But anyway, rant over.  Utopi-ish is a little shop of treats.  I picked up a couple of lovely cupcakes, a chocolate milkshake, some snack bars and some soya squirty cream (which you cannot get in llandudno/conwy).  Everything was reasonably priced and I'm already planning what to get next time I have a chance to visit.