Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Welcome to Twin Peaks......

If you follow me on instagram then you will have already seen my screen printed patches available in my FOLKSY SHOP.

It's pretty much a collection of all my favourite things; Daria (the cartoon from the 90's.... brilliant), old school wrestling logo (WWF, now known as WWE), Zelda Triforce (from the best series of games ever made... in my opinion), Twin Peaks (amazing tv series) and last but not least.... Milhouse with his carton of soy!  (pictured below).  Milhouse and Lisa are my favourite Simpsons charaters.  I love Lisa because she's a little nerd and doesn't eat animals and I love Milhouse because of his bad luck and the fact he can't drink milk.  SOY DRINKERS UNITE!

Anyway, the patches are screen printed by hand in pink onto a vintage floral fabric and then hand stitched on to a grey backing fabric.  Sizing details are all on Folksy.

You can sew these on to anything you like!  A jacket, a bag, cushions.... anything!  Or you could cheat and get some bondaweb and iron them on, why not hey!