Friday, 18 April 2014

Eat. Sleep. Knit. Repeat.

It's not often I actually knit something for myself, it's a nice feeling to finish and actually wear it.
When I was a grungy teenager (I'm now a grungy 20-something), I LOVED my vintage scouts jumper so much.  It was so comfy and warm and I'd throw it over everything.  Somehow I misplaced it... or more like someone probably took it.  
Anyway, since then I've promised myself I'd knit a new one.  Years later I finally got round to it! 

I found a pattern on ravelry for a jumper with a raglan sleeve, which was essential.  I'd had the yarn for a couple of years, acquired from a Hobbycraft sale... so I got knitting!  I gave myself the goal of completing the jumper within a month.  I didn't really know if it was an un-realistic goal or not, with having a job and planning a wedding all at the same time.  Turns out it could actually be done.

I couldn't find a pattern for the scout badge in the right size for the jumper, so I doodled one on some square paper and got knitting.  It only took about 15 mins to make and I sewed it straight on.

All the sewing up and blocking I hated.  I've never enjoyed the sewing up of things and I tend to rush it.
With this all being knitted in the round there wasn't alot to do but I still wanted it over with.

I didn't alter the pattern much at all.  I went down half a needle size, but went up one size in the pattern to counter act it.  I love the tension of the yarn, I'm glad I used 5mm needles.  I made the arms longer by adding some extra rows and also, the underarm sewing was driving me mad so I ended up giving up on the instructions for kitchener stitch and opted for a 3 needle bind off.  Easy peasy!

Over all I'm so pleased with this!  GRUNGE FOR LIFE!