Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Show and Tell....

What has everyone been knitting lately?  I've actually been quite productive, knitting wise, over the last few weeks.  I've knitted a jumper in less than a month (post to follow very soon), as well as starting two scarves for spring/summer.  I'll also be sharing the pattern.  They're not finished yet but I thought I'd share some pictures so you can see what style they are.

Both of them are going to be triangle shaped scarves (some would call them a shawl shape), so the big portion of the triangle is on your front and the rest wraps around your neck and comes down each side.  I personally favour this type of scarf over the long rectangle kind.

There are two scarves, each one made differently.  One has its increases down the centre, and one has its increases at each side.  Both ways make a totally different style.

This blue and white striped scarf has the centre increases, so shows the stripes on a diagonal angle.

This second scarf has its increases at each end, which keeps the lines straight.  I've gone for a half and half look on this one.

Even though the days are getting sunny now, it's still mega windy where I live.  I won't be leaving the house without a scarf for quite a while yet!