Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Honeymoon Road Trip

As promised.... some honeymoon snaps!
The day after the wedding, we drove (for a REALLY long time) down to Brighton.  I loved it there so much.  It was our first stop on a tour along the south coast.  We stayed for 3 days but I could have stayed forever really.  Anyway, some pictures.....

Our lovely Artist Residence hotel.  I was in love with the view of the burned down pier.

Our beautiful vegan afternoon tea at Terre a Terre.  A wonderful wedding present from the brother.

A stop or two later and we found ourselves at Camp Bestival festival, which I went to a couple of years ago.  So much fun there:

Eden Project!  This wasn't exactly what I thought it'd be.  It was ok though.  The most annoying part was that on the flyer it said they cater for vegans.  This is pretty much a lie.  They have juices and soya milk so you can have a cup of tea, but every veggie option had milk or cheese.  Booooo.  We got hungry and left.