Saturday, 20 September 2014

I was working in the lab, late one night........

Now that all the wedding related crafts are done and dusted, I've got some proper knitting on the go.  I purchased this yarn from a lovely knitting shop in Bridport (,uk) when we passed through there on our honeymoon.  I decided it was about time I knitted my [now] husband some socks.  I searched Ravelry for a while trying to find the perfect sock pattern.  I came across a pattern called Monster Mash and it called out to me.

The pattern called for the usual double pointed needles..... DPN's are NOT for me at all.  I don't know what I do, but I get an awful ladder on the bit between each needle.  I have knitted a pair of socks once before using two circulars, however, this time I decided to try with just the one long circular, knitting them both at the same time.  I'd seen it done and decided it was time to brave it and get stuck in.  

I love the pattern.  Easy to remember so you don't have to constantly read what to do, my kind of pattern!  All was going fine, heel turned nicely, but then..... I noticed that darn ladder type thing between the join again!  It hadn't happened earlier on in the sock, no idea why it was happening now.  I googled it and found some teeny-tiny circular needles, sooooo small! 

Ladder no more!  There is no 'joining up' so the problem doesn't exist!  From now on, every pair of socks I knit will be done on these little beauties!  They take a while to get used to, there's not much to hold at all, but I'm delighted with them.  (The only downside is not being able to knit two at once, but I got over it!)

I took them everywhere and got them finished in no time!

I went back to the larger circular to finish off the toe.  Not enough stitches to do in the round on the small one.

They're finished and being blocked as I type.  They had better fit him!