Thursday, 4 December 2014

''Entering the Town of Twin Peaks''

Winter is here.  I hate winter.  At least I started to get myself ready early this year.  I knitted myself a chunky cowl/snood.... whatever you want to call it.
The pattern is by 'Conway and Bliss,' who I believe is Debbie Bliss' daughter and a partner.  Anyway, They've done some pretty darn cute patterns, this one being 'Raphael' and it's FREE.

I saw the zigzag design and immediately thought 'I COULD MAKE THIS INTO A TWIN PEAKS SCARF!'  I rushed out to get some yarn.  I used Robin Chunky yarn (2 balls of each colour) and went down a couple of needle sizes.  The whole scarf ended up costing less than five pounds.  DELIGHTED!

Because it was so chunky, it took no time at all.  It's one of those patterns that you know off by heart by like the 3rd repeat.

I knitted to the length it said, then blocked it.  It stretched a little bit in length but I didn't mind.  It meant that it fitted round my neck twice without it being too claustrophobic.  I had some old mustard aran yarn left over from last winter and decided to crochet round the edge as a contrast.  A nice finishing touch me thinks :)

I wear it pretty much every day at the moment.  Because the yarn is loosely spun, it bobbles quite a bit so there will be some maintenance involved.  But I can't moan at that price really.