Friday, 5 December 2014

Pompom Dithering

To follow on from the previous post.... IT'S WINTER AND IT'S COLD!  So I knitted myself a hat.

I saw a girl in the cutest pink hat and decided I must have one myself.  I found the perfect shade of pink and cast on.  I didn't follow a pattern, I couldn't find anything quite right.  I decided to do something a bit textured rather than a plain knit, but I didn't want to commit myself to a cabled knit or something that would take too much concentration.  I just started knitting 'knit 5, purl 5' for five rows, then swapped for the next five rows.  pretty pleased with the outcome!

The hardest part.... WHAT COLOUR POMPOM?!  I was dithering over mint green or lilac for ages, but then spotted a rogue ball I've had for about 6 years (yes, my stash dates back even longer than that... there is A LOT to look through).  The cornflower blue looked just right.  I made the thickest pompom ever, the whole ball was used.  I'm loving the hat, I've got it on as I type.

In other knitting news.... I've made some baby things!  A friend of mine from school is expecting a bambino so I knitted some bits.  I'm not usually one for knitting baby things.  They look cute and all, but I'm just not that into knitting them.  However, I did enjoy knitting these two things, especially the bonnet (never knitted a bonnet before) and making the little bow for the hat, cute!

I used THIS pattern as a basic shape for the hat (I had no clue how many to cast on) but went my own way with colours and design.  The bonnet is from THIS lovely pattern, I love the picot edging, I haven't done that kind of edging for years but now I'm probably going to do it on everything.  I think my dislike (was going to say 'hatred' but it seemed harsh) for baby knitting might be over.