Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pitter Patter... Baby Knitwear!

What's going on at Teapot Towers?  Well.... I'm having a baby!  That's what!
Due later on in the summer, a little bundle of joy will be joining the family and I can't wait.

Obviously I've been knitting!  I've never been one for baby knitting at all.  In fact I'd usually avoid it if I could.  Now I love it haha!
Baby knits don't take up a lot of yarn (win), they're quick (win) and they're cute (win win).

Here are a few things I've been working on.  There will be more to come!

This little jumper is made from Soya yarn.  Soooooo soft (and vegan of course!).  Seriously the softest yarn I've ever known.  It's kind of based on the 'Morpheus' pattern which is free on ravelry.  I like how the pattern looks normally, but looking at other peoples knits, they looks slightly twisted.  I decided to go it alone and just use the pattern for the shape.  I love anything grey and think it pairs up with the soft brown yarn perfectly.  I'm calling it 'The little hobbit jumper.'

This next jumper is possibly the cutest thing I've ever knitted.  Me and the Hub love foxes (and anything animal/nature related really), so when I spotted the 'Foxy Loxy' pattern on ravelry I downloaded it straight away.
I'm trying my best to use yarn from the stash, rather than buying even more (I seriously have no space for more.  We've moved house and I've had to downsize, heartbreaking!).  I had this orange from when I made pumpkins last Halloween and because baby knitting is teeny tiny, you don't even need a whole ball!  Both the orange and grey are a soft baby acrylic.  All washable of course.  I'll upload finished photo's soon.  It's blocking as I type!

Next up is the cotton baby blanket.  I got loads of aran cotton for 50p a ball when I went on a trip down south a couple of years ago.  I've been saving it (am I the only one who saves yarn?) for something perfect and what could be more perfect than a summer baby?
I'm not working to any pattern, I'm just doing rows of single crochet and watching it grow.

What are your favourite baby patterns?  I'm open to suggestions for all things cute!