Thursday, 16 July 2015

Making all the things!

Show and tell time!

I finished and blocked my Foxy Loxy jumper I've knitted for the baby (which is coming soon by the way.... ahhhh!).  I'm so pleased with how it turned out, it's probably one of my favourite knits ever.  Watch this space for an adult size version or two (I'm thinking cheesy family photo time!) this winter!

I also ventured in to the world of rattle making.  I got some rattle sounds from Amazon (really, god bless Amazon sometimes!) and made a couple of bunny rattles.  

I used THIS pattern/picture I found on Ravelry, but I didn't follow the pattern.  Other people's projects all looked so different so I thought I'd use the pictures as a guide and go for it alone!  I'm pretty darn pleased with how they came out (get it?? Darn?? Ha ha ha!).  Purple leg bunny is for us and green leg bunny is for another baby that has just been born.  Below is a picture of what I used and shapes I crochet.  The only thing not pictured is stuffing and some black yarn for the face.  I opted for stitching the eyes on due to A: Lack of buttons that looked right and B: Safety first and all that!

Last, but probably not least... I finished the baby blanket.  It's made from a really soft Aran cotton and is even softer after a wash.  I'm not one for very traditional baby colours (baby blue/baby pink etc) so these colours worked perfectly for me.